In September 2022, Print Best’s team celebrated its 25th birthday. The anniversary celebration was held in honor of the 95 people who work hard every day to make this modern printing house in the middle of Estonia a worthy partner for the biggest and oldest publishers in Europe and Scandinavia. 

The goal of the birthday celebration was to acknowledge the role of every single employee in the company’s journey. “We wanted to bring everybody together for a night to remember. Extending the invitations to their spouses and partners was a bit of an apology from the management for occupying so much of our team’s time and energy during hectic times,” Tanel admits, “our message is clear – we value each and every one of our people, and the high appraisal from our clients is possible only thanks to the efforts of all our employees,” shares Tanel Venderström, Print Best’s CEO.

Tanel is proud of his team and what they’ve accomplished together: “Many of our clients have reported during the past few years that we have become their number one partner. The biggest and oldest publishing houses in Europe and Scandinavia appreciate our work and value our partnership. As we have proven ourselves to be the best in the business, our people are the best in the business – each and every one of our employees is an international talent and we hold their individual contribution in high regard.”

Print Best’s long history has proven that building trust takes time but it’s vital for the survival of any business. “During challenging times, relationships become a lifeline. Good relations with your team, your clients, your partners – it’s what helps us move with flexibility and proactiveness when out of comfort zone,” Tanel shares. He finds that the time of a global crisis has been an excellent window of opportunity to focus on the processes within the company and narrow down on company values: “All change begins from the management. I have to admit when I’ve made a mistake, I have to dare to apologize, ask for feedback, and listen.” As the CEO of the company, he wishes to create an environment where each and every employee would feel heard, valued, and supported.

The ’90s were a hectic time for any industry in Estonia. The Post-Soviet era opened a chance for new private businesses to pop up. But only the most adaptable and ambitious have survived. There are a few individuals within Print Best’s team who remember that period. The employees with the longest track record were asked to the stage to receive a memento as an acknowledgment for their contribution and trust over the decades. “An anniversary is a great time to look back on our history, our journey together, and celebrate the obstacles we’ve overcome,” says Tanel. It’s hard to underestimate the role of a good team in a company’s success.

Currently, there are 95 employees at Print Best. About a quarter of them are working at the office side, the rest have responsibilities in the production department. Through many pivots and detours, the company has nowadays specialized in creating books, and 98% of their work is shipped abroad – to the big publishing houses of  Scandinavia and Europe. The company has invested heavily in the last few years to expand and renew the machinery, and implement contemporary, sustainable technologies. Despite the hectic times on the global market, the prognosis for Print Best’s revenue in 2022 is €15M, and it’s expected to quadruple by 2025.


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